The Basenji

The Basenji

B is for Barkless, but not really mute. They chortle and yodel, mutter and growl I think they could talk if they ever learnt how.


A is for Agil, graceful and quick. They jump like a dear and play like a cat. Who ever heard of a dog acting like that?


S is for Stubborn, yes they do have a streak. They'll coax and they bully till they get their own way. Outsmarting a human is just part of their day.


E is for Entertaining, they're all hams at heart. Ask them to play and they'll act like a clown. Tell them to heel and they sit down and frown.


N is for Neat, a must in themselves. They lick and they groom till each hair is in place.If they think that you need it, they'll come to wash your face.


J is for Jungle, natives and huts. On the tombs of the Pharaoahs their pictures are found. And in Africa's jungles they're the belled hunting hound.


I is for Me. An owner possessed, I feed and I doctor, I worry and care. And that doggone Basenji knows,  when he calls, I'll be there.


Jeraldeen Crandall.  1967


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